A downloadable game for Windows

1. Swim just like a real fish:

Steer the fish "Blue" through the hostile environment of a modern, polluted  ocean - only by controlling Blues tail fin! 

Tricky at first - can you figure out how to escape using your fin?*

2. Learn about a global crisis:

Did you know that fish and other sea animals cant see the difference between scrap plastic and food? Built into the game, learn something new about marine pollution.

3. Survive the current state of todays oceans:

Survive what is left of our seas. Distinguish plastic from food to eat, push through a sea full of plastic, escape a fish net hunting you down - and many more things!

*The game was developed for controlling a real life fin of a fish sculpture, filled with actual waste plastic - as you can see in the pictures.

Digital controls w/o controller:


  • Börjesson Simon - Artist
  • Courtar Kenia - Artist
  • Gligorov Daniel - Programmer
  • Padazakos Elliot - Lead Programmer, Design
  • Parosu Ioana - Producer
  • Ritter Florian - Product Owner
  • Shchadrynski Ratmir - Programmer


SavingBlue.rar 36 MB

Install instructions

Download SavingBlue.rar, unpack the folder and open it.

Double click "Saving Blue.exe" & start playing.


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Great, atmospheric yet simple artstyle, kind of Limbo-like. 

I also really enjoyed the movement, even without playing w. your real-life controller. Gets across an awesome message - great game!